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Page last updated: 2/06/16

We've changed our name to LOXTON DISTRICT LANDCARE as from April 2016


The Management Committee represents a cross section of the local community and each member is elected for a two year term. Although each member has his or her own interest and reason for being involved, all members share the common goal of aiming to improve the environment of the region and the River Murray, and to ensure that current land use and irrigation practices remain sustainable into the future. There is also a growing interest in climate change and associated issues and projects.

The aim of the Management Committee is to reflect the diverse views of the community, and to ensure that the projects initiated and undertaken provide the most substantial benefit to the environment whilst reflecting the needs of the community.  In this regard, suggestions are always welcome and can be forwarded to any Management Committee Member or the Project Manager at
admin [at] lblap.org.au Not hotlinked to minimise spam

We are always keen to hear from enthusiastic potential new Management Committee Members with new ideas.


If you're not interested in a Management Committee role, but have ideas for projects etc, please contact us.  The amount of hands-on involvement is up to you.

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